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About Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education

On Hainan Island, a shining pearl of the South China Sea, there is a remarkable Foreign Language College of Professional Education that has been drawing increasing attention—Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education. The college is located in Wenchang City, which is known far and near as a Land of Culture, the Land of Overseas Chinese, a Land of a China’s National Mother (Madame Sun Yat Sen), a Land of Chinese Generals and, recently, a Land of Chinese Spaceflight, for a Space Center. 

Since the autumn of 1947, the college has been in the pursuit of her ambitious goals for more than 60 years. Relocated four times and renamed seven times, the college has developed from Wenchang County Jianyi Normal School into a professional college under the administration of Hainan Provincial Government. What has remained unchanged is the college’s lofty aims. At present, she is striding proudly ahead and stepping into the new century, thus showing thousands of students the pathways toward success. 

Covering an area of 25 hektares, Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education, more than 5000 students from around the country to experience the value of the education taught on our enchanting campus. Twenty-four majors involving such eight languages—English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, French, Spainese and Portuguese - have provided golden opportunities for diligent young people to fuse theory and practice, and integrate learning with employment. Additionally, a good many overseas students are studying the graceful Chinese language and the profound Chinese culture.

Guided by the new leading body of the college, more than 300 faculty and staff members, working harmoniously with more than 20 foreign teachers from the UK, the U.S.A., Germany, France, Russia, South Korea , Japan and so forth, keeping in mind the guiding ideology of higher professional education, namely, “Taking service as the aim and employment as the guide, developing and integrating work with learning”, consistently upholding the education idea of “Rating Morality Foremost and Putting Talent-Cultivation First; mastering Foreign Languages and Strengthening Skills and Practicality”, and selflessly devoting themselves to the cause of “rejuvenating education with uniqueness”, and giving full consideration to cultivating top-quality and modern talent with “foreign languages plus skills”. The international students from different countries are learning Chinese language and culture here, promoting the exchange of Chinese all over the world. Within the Expert Rostrum held by the college, a number of distinguished experts, scholars and political leaders from all fields are warmly invited to deliver informative lectures, covering a wide range of knowledge related to the past and present, passing on valuable experience and wisdom to us. 

On the basis of harmony and mutual benefit, the college has established a close, in-depth relationships of cooperation and exchanges with a number of universities, colleges and educational institutions with the U.S.A, Germany, the U.K, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, etc. The internationalized trend of cultivating talents has become distinct by degrees, as our global partnerships grow and strengthen. 
Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education is advancing with great pride in a bright way, preparing skilled graduates who are bound to make significant positive changes and improvements in China’s future in the 21st century.

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